Daniel Shrives

WPI Robotics Engineering 2020

About Me

I am currently studying Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In my free time, I enjoy playing squash, hiking, and photography.



Rowing Telemetry Systems


Modern instrumented oarlocks sell for approximately $1000 per rower in a racing shell

The RTS oarlock is designed to retail at under a tenth of the cost of the existing competition. The streamlined design is easier to use, more accurate and more attractive. All of which is made possible through smart mechanical design, implementing off-the-shelf components in inventive ways.

Mechanical Design

Cost saving is achieved through meaningful component choice and novel design.

To achieve my goals with this project, I tasked myself with finding a less expensive way of producing oarlocks without sacrificing accuracy or ease of use.

Software & Firmware

The production of an oarlock that supersedes all competitors requires innovative software and firmware written to take advantage of all hardware possibilities.

Data is key. To provide the most accurate data for the end-user (rower, coach, recruiter), the firmware must be written to ensure the oarlock remains accurate and precise. Alongside the firmware, software is in development that will enable users to perform in-depth analysis of their data.

Awards & Grants

RTS has received awards through Worcester Polytechnic Institute for Innovation

RTS received first place honors in the 2017 Strage Innovation Awards, open to all undergraduate students at WPI. In early 2018, RTS received second place in the Kalenian Innovation Awards, open to Undergraduate, Graduate, WPI faculty and alumni.


WPI Robotics Projects


Program a 3DOF arm to sort objects in the task space by shape and color.

The final project for the fourth Unified Robotics course is to program and use a 3 DOF arm to sort by shape and color in the task space. Watch as the 3DOF arm sorts colored balls by weight and color. The robot achieves this task using inverse kinematics and computer vision.


This robot's goal was to find a candle in a maze, extinguish the flame and report its (X, Y, Z) coordinate with respect to the robots starting position.

The final challenge for RBE 2002 required designing and implementing a robot from scratch. The robot was constructed with laser cut panels and 3D printed brackets controlled by an Arduino Mega. In order to find the candle, the robot used IR rangefinders and gyroscope to follow walls while a 2D IR camera looked for the candle. Once located, the robot's fan was aligned with the candle and attempted to extinguish the flame until successful. Once complete, the (X, Y, Z) location of the flame was determined within a half inch accuracy.


This robot was tasked with autonomously moving rods from horizontal and vertical tubes with abstract control through a bluetooth phone app

The final project for RBE2001 required building a "Nuclear Rod Robot" tasked with moving "radioactive" rods from storage containers to reactors. Tasked with autonomously moving rods from horizontal and vertical tubes the robot's movement was choreographed and directed with an android app communicating over Bluetooth.


Awards and Grants

2017 Kalenian Innovation Awards

Awarded second place for work on Rowing Telemetry Systems. Award is open to WPI faculty, alumni, Ph.D., graduate, and undergraduates.

WPI- Press Release

2017 Strage Innovation Awards

Awarded first place amongst undergraduates for work on Rowing Telemetry Systems

WPI Website Article

2018 Dearborn Foundation Scholarship

Awarded scholarship for achievements in innovation and engineering.

2018 WPI CDC Summer Experience Grant

Grant awarded for Rowing Telemetry Systems to fund work over summer of 2018

Sports & Extracurricular

President WPI Squash

Throughout my presidency I have increased the yearly budget, provided significantly more equipment and boosted attendance.

Shrives Photography

I provide professional photography services for public and private events

BAB Rowing

Rowed for Bromfield Acton Boxborough Rowing team for 13 consecutive seasons.

CSWA Solidworks Certified

I have passed the CSWA Solidworks Associates exam


Shrives Photography

Shrives Photography

My photographic work includes editorial photography for The Harvard Press, photo and video for websites and capturing life cycle events for private clients.